MAIN Solution doo in cooperation with the best service engineers in the country offers an integrated system of equipment services, including all possible support and supply of spare parts.

Below is a complete range of services provided by our customers.


  • Electrodes (regeneration)
  • Conductometers (electronics, conductometry electrodes)
  • Oxymeters (electronics, oxy electrodes) 
  • Multimeters (electronics, electrodes)
  • pH meters (electronics, pH electrodes)


  • Elisa readers (optics, lamps, electronics)
  • Photometers (cleaing of optics, lamp replacement, electronics)
  • Colorimeters (cleaing of optics, lamp replacement, electronics)
  • Microscopes (cleaing of optics, mechanics, lamps)
  • Spektrophotometers (cleaing of optics, UV-VIS lamp replacement, electronics)

General Equipment:

  • Centrifuges (electronics, engines, shock absorbers)
  • Evaporators (mechanics, glass, electronics, hoses)
  • Incubators (electronics, heaters, rubbers)
  • Laboratory balances (cleaning, electronics)
  • Laboratory hot plates (heaters, probes, electronics, termometers)
  • Magnetic mixers (heaters, probes, electronics)
  • Peristaltic pumps (engine, hoses, electronics)
  • Annealing furnaces (probes, termometers, mechanics, heaters, insulation)
  • Dryers (electronics, heaters, rubbers)
  • Vacuum pumps (engine, hoses, diaphragm, electronics)

Liquid handling:

  • Automatic pipettes (cleaning, rubber change, mechanics)
  • Dispensers (cleaning, rubber change, mechanics)
  • Pipetters (cleaning, rubber change, electronics)

Temperature / moisture:

  • Data loggers (electronics)
  • Termometers (electronics, battery, adapters)
  • Moisturizers (electronics, calibration)

Laboratory furniture:

  • Complete reparation of laboratory furniture